ROOTS will utilise new innovative approaches to produce extensive resources including; an awareness raising campaign, multiple manuals and a training kit that teaches how to implement and promote cultural heritage tourism and how to set up a local cultural heritage tourism community. The ROOTS Online platform of resources and community will ensure long term impact.


The ROOTS project aims to:

  • Increase the entrepreneurial skills and cultural mind-set of owners and managers of tourism micro enterprises by creating training materials that; raise awareness on the topic of cultural heritage tourism, build understanding of the business opportunities it brings, and develop capacity on how to capitalise on it individually or as a cluster.
  • Develop a coherent strategy for enhancing and diversifying tourist services.
  • Increasing the knowledge of micro tourism companies so that they fully recognise, develop and capitalise on the potential and preservation of cultural & natural heritage, therein building high value/low volume (specialised) rather than high volume/low value (mass) tourism.


The ROOTS project complements other cultural heritage initiatives by provide micro enterprises with the training and tools to set up and promote cultural heritage tourism – individually or as a collective. What makes this project innovative is that the ROOTS project aims to provide a complete package of materials enabling SMEs to implement innovative growth strategies.

Raised awareness of Cultural Heritage Tourism

Increased entrepreneurial skills and cultural mind-set of owners and manager of tourism micro enterprises